"Sometimes it's absolutely liberating to be wrong about diabetes!  This myth-busting powerhouse is a 'must-read'. The stories about other people with diabetes (herself included) that Riva Greenberg weaves into the book are further proof that what we don't know about diabetes—or what we erroneously think we know—can oftentimes be more damaging than diabetes itself."

Sheri Colberg, PhD, Exercise physiologist and Author of eight books including 50 Secrets of the Longest Living People with DiabetesThe 7 Step Diabetes Fitness Planand Diabetic Athlete's Handbook

  “As more patients and their families are forced to deal with a diagnosis of
  diabetes, they also face a great deal of informationand
  misinformationabout the disease.  This book separates fact from fiction,
  enabling people with diabetes to become advocates for their own care, and
  enabling friends and family to provide informed support.”
  Steven Edelman, MD, Founder, Taking Control of Your Diabetes, American
  Diabetes Association's 2009 "Outstanding Educator in Diabetes"

"Debunks the myths that make diabetes harder to manage and more difficult to live with. An excellent resource for people who have diabetes and for those who love them. Reassuring, informative and easy to read."

Richard R. Rubin, PhD, Professor, Medicine and Pediatrics, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Past President American Diabetes Association

"Whether you have diabetes or treat those who do, this book may shatter what you believe—and that’s the difference between surviving with diabetes and living a long, healthy life with diabetes.”

Donna Rice, Registered Nurse and Certified Diabetes Educator, Past President American Association of Diabetes Educators  

“I thought I knew everything I needed to know about my diabetes, but after reading this book, I am so much more capable of understanding myself, my diabetes and my ability to speak to others about diabetes with confidence. This book gives you the clarity and motivation to move forward, with confidence, to better diabetes health.” 

Bill King, Type 1 since 1984, Marathon Runner and Coach

"If you’ve ever questioned how food affects your diabetes management or    whether your eating plan is really working for you, this is the book for  you! Get the truths you need from the experts in this easy to understand book.”

  Susan Weiner, Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes EducatorContributing
  Medical Producer dLife TV  

“Riva Greenberg’s new book is a very practical guide to clearing up all the common misconceptions about this disease.  It should be required reading for anyone living with diabetesin particular Type 2and their friends, family, and loved ones.” 

Amy Tenderich, Creator of the award-winning web site DiabetesMine


“Having watched my daughter grow up with type 1 diabetes, I have come to realize, that living well with diabetes is 90% information. As a family, we encountered and overcame many of the myths that Riva Greenberg helps to dispel in this book. Riva reminds us that, “Your diabetes education     never ends.” The truth after all is what sets us free—to live well with diabetes.”

Jeff Hitchcock, Founder of the online community Children with Diabetes  

  “I love the way Riva Greenberg writes. It just connects with me, like a close
  friend explaining her first few years of obstacles and learning experiences
  on her journey of living with diabetes.”

  Lynne Vainberg, Diabetes Peer-Mentor  


  "Riva Greenberg's book is an exceptional aid: She combines true-life stories
  with a wealth of information firmly based on medical research, and by
  replacing myths and fears with sound advice you will achieve better control.
  I was diagnosed in 1978 and I learned some new things and my spirits were
  raised by her positive message."

  Bob Kolenkow, Physicist and former Associate Professor at MIT  

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